Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Beautiful Bathroom Shower Curtains Ideas

Bathroom shower curtains provide you with privacy while also making your bathroom look colourful and vibrant. You can use rods or railings to hang the curtains on in the interior of your bathroom roof. Rods and railings come in a variety of different sizes and designs making them both decorative and functional. Additionally, the bathroom shower curtains are available in several colours, designs, shapes and patterns. You can even get stylish designs with geometric or animal patterns. When choosing curtains for your bathroom, you will be spoilt for choice. Changing your shower curtains can make for an easy bathroom renovation!

Tips for choosing shower curtains to enhance your bathroom:

Be Practical – It’s important to be practical when choosing shower curtains for your bathroom. Use plastic or vinyl curtains for children’s bathrooms and cotton or silk curtains can be used in a formal bathroom with a liner that can be removed and cleaned.

Choose a Style – Shower curtains come in many styles with all types of designs from the solid colors to birds, flowers, fish and more. Choose something that brightens up the room and enhances the rest of the décor.

Make Use of Liners – Liners can make the shower curtain stand out more and it makes it easier to keep clean especially if you choose one that is machine washable.

Shower Rods and Rings – These can really make your décor stand out so choose carefully and pick something that matches your curtains.

Different Types of Curtains:

An almost limitless selection can make choosing just the right curtains for the bathroom challenging. Understanding the different types of curtains that are available helps to simplify the choice. Curtains fall into four distinct categories:

  • Luxurious shower curtains
To make your bathroom more stylish, go in for these luxurious shower curtains. They add an aura of style to your bathrooms and make it look attractive. They are also water proof.

  • Hemp Shower curtains
If you are more health conscious and a lover of the environment then you can choose the natural Hemp shower curtains instead of the synthetic material shower curtains. They are eco friendly and are also bacterial and fungal resistant.

  • Coated Curtains

Some curtains are treated with a rubber backing that makes the curtain block out more light. The technique involves fusing a rubber polymer to the fabric. Unless a bathroom is purposely designed to rely on artificial light, coated curtains may not be appropriate.

  • Sheer Curtains

Made from light or loosely woven fabrics like cotton or polyester, sheer curtains provide privacy while allowing lots of natural light to enter the room. Sheer curtains are a good choice for bathrooms with a contemporary or casual style, but unless accented by heavier draperies, valances or swags, may not be appropriate for luxury bathrooms.

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