Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Affordable Ways To Revamp Your Bedroom

One of the amazing features of our Reserve at Town Center Apartments has to be our stunning bedrooms. Just because your bedroom is your palace doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money decorating it. In fact, cheap bedroom decorations at Town Center make the resident. Here are some affordable ways to redecorate and re-imagine your bedroom.

Spring is here! Warmer weather, time to purge your old clothes to your fav charity and revamp your boring bedroom. One of my favorite things about traveling is enjoying a simple, yet glamorous hotel room. Something to put on your list for spring cleaning revamping your love nest!

bedroom is like your palace, your hideout, your secret lair. Possibly the only place in the universe where you can be 100% yourself (without worrying what other people think).decorate a luxurious bedroom So, it makes sense that you’d want it to look as awesome as possible.

Paint Your Walls
Assuming you’re allowed to paint (if you’re a renter, check your lease or ask your landlord first), doing so can be a great, cheap way to dramatically change the look of your bedroom. A gallon of paint with primer costs about $40, and is good for approximately 350 square feet of wall (enough paint for a room about 12 by 14 feet with two windows and two doors).

Refresh Your Furniture
Re-purposing old furniture with a touch of paint or a new stain is a simple and budget-friendly way to breathe new life into a space. Don’t worry if you’re not the handiest person tutorials for painting every piece of furniture, from nightstands to bed frames, can be found online. You won’t need nearly as much paint for a piece of furniture as you’d need for your walls

Get Artsy
Artwork for your walls is perfect for sprucing up any space. Unfortunately, it’s also a tad expensive to buy original art. Luckily, even the least artistic among us can create some seriously cool artwork usually for way less than you might expect. DIY projects such as these from Refinery 29 and Better Homes and Gardens can completely re-vamp your space for as little as $5 (and a little time spent getting crafty).

Make a Funky Headboard
Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so give it a makeover for an instant transformation. Instead of buying a new (expensive) comforter, target your headboard. There are tons of ways to re-create your headboard, and many of them involve very easy to find and non-expensive items

Treat Your Windows
A new set of drapes and a stylish-looking curtain rod will only set you back about $30. Depending on how many windows you have, updating the window coverings can be an excellent, affordable, and easy way to completely re-vamp your bedroom

Let There Be Light
It’s amazing what a little light can do. Stores like Target and IKEA stock tons of unique, eclectic table and floor lamps usually for around just $20 each. So swap out the old bedside lamp with a funky new one. You’ll be surprised what a dramatic difference such a small change can make.

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