Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Tips for Choosing The Right Nice Shower Tiles

When it comes to choosing the perfect shower tile, there are many factors come into play. Sometimes, the shower’s design will affect the type of nice shower tiles that should or can be used. For instance, you may need to use smaller tiles, if you love a curved shower bench. You need a tile that is suitable for wall and floor use, though it might seem like an easy task.

It is recommended to choose nice shower tiles that are durable and waterproof. Make sure the tiles are grouted properly. Now, it is time to stretch your creative imagination and have fun while choosing the right tiles for your bathroom. There are several tips for choosing nice shower tiles.

Use smaller tiles for better traction

What a wonderful bathroom! Here, designer Helen Scott used the same smaller tile throughout the bathroom as accent tiles. choosing slipper baths Notice how the shower hose and the shower bar are installed on the center of that one tile. I'm sure that was no accident.

Consider universal design

Pick a large-format tile and a one-way slope for easy access to the shower if you plan to age in your home. Using one tile throughout the installation can also make the room look much bigger.

Pick a smaller tile for a sloped ceiling

Building a sloped ceiling is one of the many requirements of a commercial steam shower. Using smaller tiles makes for more graceful slopes.This steamer by David Johnston Architects is one of my favorite examples of what's possible from a master tile setter.

Use a second tile choice to make a feature wall

Adding a second tile choice as a feature is a great look I see more and more these days.Be careful about using small ledgestone tile, unless you know your water does not leave staining on your tile. Ledgestone achieves the stacked rock look like on this shower wall with the rough face of the stone facing out. The rough surface means that it's slow to drain, and water with a heavy mineral content will build up quickly. Here in Vancouver, British Columbia, the mineral content in our water would stain the rough surface of ledgestone in a few months' time.

Use smaller tiles on curves

Depending on your shower bench design, you may need smaller tiles to handle the curves. Smaller tiles handle curves much better. By having the tile onsite before the shower's bench is designed, the angle of the curves and natural arcs can be worked out.

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