Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Tips to keep Your Bathroom Clean And Fresh

Keeping your bathroom smelling fresh may sound like an arduous task, but here are a few simple tips which will have your bathroom smelling good all day long! Accept it  cleaning bathrooms is nobody’s favourite job! That one day of the week when it’s time to clean the dreaded bathroom is not something you look forward to

All of us like fresh smelling bathrooms. It’s just that it never seems to stay that way for long.  Read on for a few time-saving tips to keep your bathroom fragrant, that too effortlessly!

Where the bathroom is concerned, the sweet smell of cleaning success is no smell at all. That can be a challenge, though. keep your bathrooms are ground zero for some of the dirtiest and most pungently odiferous activities in your home.

One of the challenges of keeping your bathroom fresh and tidy is that there's lots of dirty business being done in there, which makes maintaining it one of the more tiresome tasks in household management. Fortunately, most bathroom surfaces are pretty easy to clean, especially if you make a point to do it on a regular basis. Daily maintenance and a weekly deep cleaning will give you the freshest bathroom in the 'hood.

Start Fresh
First of all, you'll need to give your bathroom a full scrub-down. I'm talking the works- ceiling to floor. This would include wiping grime off the baseboards, vanity cabinets, behind the toilet, dusting the light fixtures and washing the rugs. Make everything sparkle from top to bottom. Tired, aren't you? It's hard work cleaning a bathroom that is overdue. Be sure to put some air freshener out.

Keep Up Appearances
Now that you've done a deep cleaning on your bathroom and detailed everything, here are the real tips. You have a clean bathroom, but the goal is to keep it clean enough that you don't have to go through a crazy half-hour, full on cleaning job every two weeks.

Spray your shower with a daily shower spray of your choice. Tilex is a good one, but there are other brands out there too. If you have glass doors on your shower, be sure to squeegee them down really quick so they don't get all cloudy.Keep some Windex Wipes or a bottle of Windex under your vanity and each evening (perhaps after your bedtime routine) simply wipe any smudges or water stains from the mirrors and faucet. The wipes are very handy because you don't need a paper towel.

  • Take out the trash and clean the toilet with some bleach if it needs it. 
  • Scrub your sink if it's become dirty or lost its shine. 
  • Replace the towels. 
  • Spray the rugs with some fabric refresher.
  • Clean up the shower a little more, if it's noticeably soiled or you haven't been consistent with your daily spray/squeegee routine. 
  • Shake out the rugs. I recommend throwing them in the washer every 2 months to keep them fresh and fluffed. 
  • Replace the gel cleaner in your toilet- all you have to do is stick it on. 
  • Dust down any areas that look a little grimy. 
  • I also recommend cleaning out your trashcan or throwing some baking soda or air freshener into it. 
  • Clean up the floors with a mop or wipe as well.

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